Chandra is a phenomenal speaker that is dedicated to Security Awareness from internet, social media, violence prevention against women, men, children, schools, corporations, and home ground terrorist.  Chandra is very passionate about what she does,she is well versed, open and knowledgeable of the subjects and information renders. Some of these topic are based on  “real experiences” and “real reviewed incidence” she has researched. Chandra believes by making everyday people aware and knowledgeable of threats and risk we place ourselves in everyday will save more lives.

Chandra Cleveland-Jennings is the Executive Officer (CEO) of Columbia Protection Agency, Palmetto Youth Connection and Cleveland Productions.  Columbia Protection Agency is a provider of professional, highly trained security officers rendering safety and protection services to businesses, corporation and large events such as the Democratic Presidential Debate in Myrtle Beach, SC, World Trade Center Memorial in SC and NC just to name a few.  A native of Columbia, SC, Cleveland began her career in law enforcement in 1989-2006 with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, burglary division.  In 2002, she was assigned as the first black female Internal Affairs Investigator, she earned top honors as the first female to be Deputy of The Year.  During her tenure she developed an incredible reputation for being tough and highly informed on juvenile crimes, gang activities in our communities. A staunch proponent of ridding our communities of juvenile crime, Chandra founded Palmetto Youth Connection, a gender base mentoring organization program that encourages young people to live, act and dress in accordance with a positive self-image.  PYC focuses on guiding young people ages 12-18 to be confident, have a mentor, live a fit and healthy life style and be involved in their schools and communities.

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